About Washington Rocks
In 2006 we went on a guided Crystal Collecting hike with a local geologist. It was so much fun and so exciting to find crystals and some other minerals! We got bit by the Rockhounding bug! We started studying and searching for new places to find rocks and minerals in our state. Studying geology has been a lot of fun – it’s amazing how much you can learn when you are interested in a subject. 

 We enjoyed all of this so much that we decided to make a new business out of it – so we formed Washington Rocks. Selling our rocks and jewelry and meeting so many great people has been a lot of fun for us!

 In 2018 we purchased our Noble Serpentine Mine, located in Northeast Washington State.  We renamed it The Wild Turkey Mine.  Noble Serpentine is a very unique type of a serpentine-calcite blend, that is rich in magnesium and aluminum.  We find it in a variety of colors and patterns.  
Jim and Jennifer Sahli
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