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About Washington Rocks
In 2006 we went on a guided Crystal Collecting hike with a local geologist. It was so much fun and so exciting to find crystals and some other minerals! We got bit by the Rockhounding bug! We, along with Jim’s brothers and their families, started studying and searching for new places to find rocks and minerals in our state. Studying geology has been a lot of fun – it’s amazing how much you can learn when you are interested in a subject.

Using the Gem Trails of Washington Guide, we found many great places around the state, but exploring and finding our own locations has been the most fun and the most rewarding. So far we have found Quartz Crystal Geodes weighing up to 300 pounds, Sky-blue Hemimorphite, Lime-Green and Blue Serpentine, Purple Agate, Carbonized Wood with white lightning-bolt-like streaks, large pieces of multi-colored Plume Agate, Zeolites with orange Heulandite and many more great rocks and minerals.

Along with collecting, we became interested in cutting, polishing and making Jewelry out of the many rocks and minerals we found. We were extremely lucky when some family friends who had a lapidary shop, sold us all their equipment and a lot of rare rocks from around the world.

We enjoyed all of this so much that we decided to make a new business out of it – so we formed Washington Rocks. Selling our rocks and jewelry and meeting so many great people has been a lot of fun for us!

If you are interested in Rockhounding, we can suggest a few ways to get started. Jerry’s Rock & Gem Shop in Kent, WA is a fantastic place to start. They carry many informative books and tools and they have a whole lot of rock and mineral knowledge. Visit www.jerrysrockandgem.com. Gem Trails of Washington is a great guide, with locations and maps. Bob Jackson at Geology Adventures (www.geologyadventures.com) has fantastic collecting trips for families and serious collectors alike. Rock and Gem clubs are also a great way to get started and they have many great collecting trips for everyone.

Jim and Jennifer Sahli